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  1. Ayubia National Park
    Ayubia National Park
    Ayubia National Park is representative of Himalayan moist temperate forest.Problems related to conservation at Ayubia National Park are similar to those found elsewhere in the Himalayan. Mountains degradation due to overgrazing by livestock , uncontrolled tourism , collection of Non-Timber forest produce encroachment for human habitation, cultivation and human wild life conflicts. In addition poaching also threatens many mountain, ungulates inside protected areas at Ayubia National Park. The collection of fodder is seen by conservation agencies and the forest department as heaving a negative impact on biodiversity consequently there is a need for understanding the variety of modes of management of fodder with in agricultural and wasteland areas as well as in rangelands in order to reduce the impact of fodder collection on biodiversity .
  2. World Amazing 4K Running Track
    World Amazing 4K Running Track
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  3. Khanispur Ayubia Chair Lift
    Khanispur Ayubia Chair Lift
    The current chairlift, situated on a spur in thick alpine forests, was installed in the 1960s at Ghora Daka. Having a length of one and a half kilometres, the manually operated chairlift consists of 55 two-seater units and attracts tourists of all ages and income groups from across the country.


  1. Ayubia National Track
    Ayubia National Track
  2. Ayubia Chair Lift
    Ayubia Chair Lift
  3. Beautiful Ground Surrounded with Pin Trees.
    Beautiful Ground Surrounded with Pin Trees.



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Ayubia National Park.
Ayubia Chair Lift.
Ayubia National Track.(4K)
Mushak puri (Pakistan most beautiful peak)